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Having more drawers is the most popular request in new kitchens. What’s more important is how those drawers are used. We offer a range of fantastic drawer layout solutions to help you store everything tidily and accessibly.  Whether you’re looking for a standard plastic divider or stepping it up with BLUM’s ORGA-LINE Inner Dividing Systems, we have what you need.

BLUM provides an extensive range of ORGA-LINE Inner Dividing Systems and Kitchen Accessories. ORGA-LINE is a high quality inner dividing system that practically organises drawers and pull outs for your benefit. All stainless steel dividers match each of BLUM’s individual product lines; Intivo and Antaro. All dividers can be adapted and changed to fit in with the contents in the drawers. The end result is amazing organisation and easy access to the inside of the drawer. The dividers can also easily be removed and are designed to fit comfortably in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

ORGA-LINE also provides a selection of Kitchen Accessories to suit your needs. These accessories make kitchen chores easier and organise drawers. Spice racks, plate holders, knife holders and foil and film dispensers are just some of the many accessories you can choose from. 

find more than kitchens with google maps
find more than kitchens with google maps
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  • Kitchen drawer dividerIn drawer utensil divider with knife block
  • In drawer dividersUtensil Divider
  • Drawer cabinet storageUtensil Drawer
  • Kitchen drawer dividerIn Drawer bottle divider
  • Kitchen drawer foil dispenserFilm Dispenser
  • Kitchen pantry drawersFoil Dispenser
  • Knife drawer trayIn drawer knife block
  • Kitchen drawer plate holderPlate Holder
  • Kitchen drawer cabinet storageSaucepan lid divider
  • Drawer binSERVO DRIVE Rubbish bin
  • Kitchen organiserSpice Rack
  • Drawer seperatorStainless steel drawer divider
  • Lazy susan corner ideasCorner Drawers make the most of difficult spaces
  • Kitchen drawer insertsPlastic cutlery divider
  • Kitchen drawer organiserWood cutlery divider
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